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(Supporting information)

I have kept General Blanck, the Army Surgeon General,informed from the beginning regarding the serious allegations against General Kileyís leadership of Landstuhl. The following is an e-mail message, not part of the credentials record, from August 1997, which confirms this. Why did General Blanck not assist in extending Whistleblower Protection to me?





(Supporting information)

This TDY Order, not part of the credentials record, confirms my paid travel authorized by General Blanck, to report my allegations in September 1997.





(Supporting information)

The following documents, not part of the credentials record,were shared with MAJ Cusker before BG Hill requisitioned her as his own JAG officer. General Hillís action effectively ended MAJ Cuskerís defense of me, and ended investigation of General Hillís role in the detention during Dr. Sue Baileyís visit on 1 September 1998.


The documents show the extreme seriousness of the escalating investigation in Germany, and my direct involvement as a principal witness against General Kiley.